Why Walter Rudy, why now?

Why Walter Rudy? I’m often asked about the name of the business.  Why Walter Rudy?  It’s quite simple, it’s my 2 sons middle names,  Gabriel Walter and Leon Rudy.  The business is personal and it’s my motivation.  I want to create a business in which, in an industry that is certainly not the most responsible, makes a difference.  Not for me, not for great financial reward but for the boys future. If we all don’t act and do whatever we can then we are the generation that consumed everything and left nothing for our children and grandchildren. Fact!

Why now?  Simply because it has to be now.  Therefore Creativity and Responsibility must be at the heart of everything we do. We must innovate, not just in products, but in how goods are manufactured, how we provide responsible solutions and sustainable sourcing, how we manage logistics, how we care about every detail of the process to deliver effective, intelligent, beautifully crafted, responsibly sourced packaging.

So that’s the aim, I’ll do whatever I can, it may be little and I can’t do it alone. However if I get support, then the business will grow, the message will become stronger, the change will be greater.

If you believe in the Right Way to do business, if you believe that we all have a responsibility to the World we live in, take the time to look at us and our partner factories as to how we are already making a difference.  Nobody is perfect however we all make choices and we can all choose to make an impact for the good of our planet.

‘Trevor Hayward – Founder’